PSHP Report

Cover of the PSHP report HIV Housing and Health Research in Action

Positive Spaces, Healthy Places: HIV, Housing and Health Research in Action
is the culmination of ten years of research and the first initiative in Canada to examine the relationship between housing and health for people living with HIV.

Results from Positive Spaces, Healthy Places demonstrate that people living with HIV in unstable and unsafe housing are more likely to have higher mortality rates, weaker immune systems, higher levels of stress and depression, and higher viral loads. Better housing is linked to better physical and mental health and better adherence to antiretroviral medication.

Findings from this study have already led to increased funding, better awareness of housing-related issues for people living with HIV and policy changes at the local and national level. The final report contains more information about how Positive Spaces, Healthy Places helped move housing research into action, and the continuing impact the study has had.

Read the report. (7.4 mb)

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