National HIV and Housing Collaborative

The collaborative is comprised of living with HIV, housing and support organizations, researchers, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders. We beleive that home is where the health is. Canada is a place where all people living with HIV/AIDS should have safe, supportive, secure, and affordable housing; un endroit qu'on appelle chez-soi.

Canada is the only G8 country with no national housing strategy. How is this possible when we know that appropriate housing is a fundamental right, and essential to the basic activities of daily living?

Help Influence Policy

Bring the evidience to decision-makers. Facts are hard to ignore. The skills and experiences of people living with HIV, housing providers and researchers have contributed to a strong policy toolkit. We have gathered a wealth of science-based data on housing, HIV prevention, health outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of housing interventions.

Influence policy

Search For Evidence

National Housing and HIV/AIDS Conference Database

The National Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit (NAHC) abstract database is a searchable, filterable database of scholarly literature on the relationship between people living with HIV/AIDS and adequate housing.

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OHTN Database

The Ontario HIV Treatment Network's Research Inventory Database (OHTN) is a searchable database of scholarly and grey literature on people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Search the Homeless Hub Library

The Homeless Hub is one of our foundational partners. With over 30,000 resources and growing, the Homeless Hub research library is the largest library of homelessness-related resources in the world.